What to take with you. Photo and video equipment

In the moment, emotions overwhelm us, but time erases impressions from our memory. And then photos and videos come to our aid.

In my travels, I want to have the most compact, reliable, easy-to-use and high-quality picture.

Today my "garage" of photo and video equipment consists of:

1. Sony fdr-x3000 action camera - main camera.

I am satisfied with the wide angle, high-quality picture, excellent sound and built-in optical stabilization.

One more of its advantages I would like to note moisture protection, compactness and operating time on a single charge.

Despite the fact that the camera can shoot in 4k, I don't shoot in this format (since I upload files via the cloud and their "weight" matters).

Cons: no screen.

I bought the first one in Ukraine in 2017, traveled with it from Alaska to Peru. Then he dropped the camera and scratched the lens. I bought the second camera in the USA in 2019, and I still use it.

2. Phone SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 +

In today's world, a smartphone is more than just a gadget.

This is a navigator, a messenger, and a translator ... And even more so, its role in travel is difficult to overestimate.

I chose SAMSUNG firstly because of the Android system (it is convenient for sending files, has a slot for a memory card), and secondly because of a good camera (today one of the best among smartphones).

I also want to note dust / moisture resistance, high processor performance and reliability.

Cons: the screen is a vulnerable spot.

Ordered online (store On-lime)

3. OSMO mobile 3 stabilizer

Remember the shots when the camera turns behind me, although I am driving in a completely deserted place? This is made possible by the ActiveTrack 3.0 function in the gimbal. This function works well and smoothly follows the subject in the frame, but sometimes it confuses me and the bike :)

Cons: Needs careful handling.

I bought it in the USA.

4. DJI Mavic Air 2 drone (previous DJI Mavic Air was on previous travels)

The top view is better. The drone allows you to more clearly convey the full completeness of landscapes.

Pros: relatively small size for such picture quality.

Cons: Batteries are charged only from the mains.

Bought from a DJI Authorized Store

5. Sony A7S II camera

+ lenses: Canon 24-70 f2.8, Canon 70-200, f2.8

so far new to my arsenal

6. Stands Velbon EX-Macro and Velbon Videomate 638

so far new to my arsenal