New travel


For me this is incredibly cool!

Almost always believed that this does not happen with those who were born and raised in Moldavanka (approx. - Odessa region), i.e. with people like me.

Let me remind you that I returned to Odessa on July 11, without having reached the southern part (Patagonia) of South America by bicycle.

With my inherent optimism, I believed until the last that the pandemic would end in the summer!

Then he hoped for September.

Then - for October!

Towards the middle of October, I decided to become a "realist" and accept that Argentina and Chile will not open their borders soon!

A little upset, I decided that since life is so "unpredictable", then when, if not now is the time to allow yourself a cool dream !!!

And really make every effort to implement it !!!

(Not "try" for show, but every day to feel fear and excitement, and still "go")

Probably my desire and faith were so strong that literally in 2 weeks the events turned into unthinkable "accidents" and so, today I woke up in North Carolina, in my SierraDesigns tent, and now I am writing this text sitting in a roadside cafe at a gas station in South Caroline 😉 (I have a satellite beacon with me. You can see a point on the map in the "Where am I" tab!

P.S. If you voice your dream (tell or write to someone), then the world will begin to react to it!

What are you dreaming about?